Providing professional services since 1996. My Home Address, Inc.  is the recognized leader in mail forwarding and vehicle registrations services in South Dakota.  

Our Services

Our Service provides residency in South Dakota and it will lead you to saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in tax savings. Once you become a customer and establish South Dakota residency, we can provide you with mail forwarding as well as vehicle registration.

Why My Home Address? 

  • In business since 1996.
  • Over 2,000 current customers.
  • One fee for all mail forwarding schedules. (ON DEMAND,MONTHLY,WEEKLY)
  • Same day Scanning Service.
  • Same day mailing on special requests made by 11 a.m. CST.
  • We will provide all forms to register your vehicle in South Dakota and we offer personalized service to help you fill them out.
  • You don't have to come to South Dakota and register your vehicle, we can process all your paperwork through the mail.
  • Low $2.00 Wheel Tax in Hanson County compared to other Counties at $5.00 a wheel in South Dakota.
  • Hanson County has one of the Lowest Auto Insurance Rates in South Dakota.
  • Please call 1-888-494-4499 or 1-605-449-4499 with questions.
  • My Home Address, Inc. will pay $50.00 Referrals that sign up.